About Brenda

Hi, I’m Brenda

Thanks for visiting. I look forward to getting to know each other.

I now have over three decades experience working as a professional counsellor, facilitator and educator in the personal and creative development field. I’ve worked with thousands of individuals, couples and groups, both in professional counselling agencies, and my own successful private practice.

I’ve assisted many people to heal their romantic relationships, addictions, anxiety, depression, careers, creativity, scarcity and self worth. All from a deeply non-judgemental, client-centred, trauma-informed approach.

As a Certified Relationship Coach, my passion is helping people navigate the challenging dynamics within their own families, friendships, romantic and professional relationships. I love providing the tools and skills for you to thrive in all your primary relationships. Even when you think it’s impossible.

I look forward to showing you how.

I’m also a professional singer songwriter and a lifelong student. I’ve completed a degree in Psychology and Anthropology as well as several post graduate courses in the Social Sciences and Creative Arts. I’m currently adding to my tool box with a Masters Degree in Humanistic Counselling.

As you can tell, I have a very curious and hungry brain that just loves to learn and write.

After living in the city for much of my life, I now live in a cosy, rustic cottage on a secluded hobby farm, hidden among the natural beauty of the enchanted South Coast of Western Australia.

I have a lifelong affinity with animals. I love spoiling my magnificent horses, dogs, cats and chickens. I thrive on organic home grown veggies, nature, humour, creativity, cold weather, hot tubs, massages and fancy restaurants.

For those who are curious, I am a Leo, a Myers Briggs ENFP/INFP and an Enneagram type 4.

Now, I’d really love to learn more about you. Please get in in touch soon so we can start our exciting journey together. I can’t wait to hear your voice.

Love Brenda xx

To book a free 30 minute consultation with Brenda, please send an email to Brenda@brendachapman.com


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